Open Letter


Dear Friends,

Right now, we are hearing a lot, about a lot let’s be honest. Healthcare, Russia, race, police drugs, D.A.R.E. making a comeback, really D.A.R.E.  The only thing I remember about D.A.R.E. was a lot of bands in the 90 wearing the t-shirts while they were really high. Don’t think that is going to work out. And all that is just the tip on the American Political structure, let alone other elements where society is frankly all twisty turny and not in the role of making sense.  It all makes a project like this extremely difficult, which is why I didn’t do a lot of work after I first started it. That doesn’t matter I’m back and going to keep working and growing, and hey maybe adding people to the project. Over the next few days, there will be a separate article out by tomorrow touching on the healthcare issue, and how it relates to rights.

I really am envisioning this space as an area where we can all work together to try to gain some light into these situations. I’m not delusional, I understand my readership at current is a few friends and the random person who wonders across the page looking for something quite different than what I am offering. But I can hope with the help of those who do come through here (cheap plug there is a share button) to grow to enough people who want to have a conversation about all of this that we might be able to help each other make a little sense out of our society.

News media is becoming politicize. The internet is home to fake news and people who prove their point by being the angriest. Schools don’t have the time or the resources to give a proper civic education. Our social institutions are even picking sides to a point that no one has any ability to separate fact from propaganda. This is just the flavor of today. Sociologist Jean Baudrillard said “We live in a world where there is more and more information, and less and less meaning” in his book Simulacra and Simulation which was published in 1981. Today it is 2017 and we have done nothing to change this. We receive up to the min updates on everything going on in the lives of our elected officials and very little understanding of how it will affect us. We have access to the collective knowledge of mankind in our pockets, and don’t really know how to use this knowledge to better our situation in the slightest bit.

In this environment that we now live in some degree of open conversation will be necessary. No, we will not always agree on issues, but we must also still get along. This is my first step on a journey of trying to engage in an open discussion about these issues. As always can wait to hear from anyone who wants to talk. Also if you have any topics you want me to do some work on let me know.

Much Love,



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