Bathroom Fears, and Politics of Hate

My biggest confusion amidst the great bathroom debate of 2016 is what those who support the bills actually want. Of course no one wants to say well I’m just a bigot and hate people who are different than me. Because of this we hear tons of reason such as protecting women and children from crazed rapist who are just dying to get inside the womens restroom, and trying to avoid confusion in children who don’t fully understand someone being transgendered. It only takes a bit of critical thinking to realize how shallow, and incorrect these reasons actually are.

Now hold on a sec don’t get to worked up, your preconceived fear may indeed be real,you might actually fear for your loved ones safety, but this is not going to help. Indeed these bills may indeed put your loved ones at a higher risk for these things. In general the wording of the laws follow the form of “a person must use the restroom of the sex of which they were born.” When you consider that most people who are actually transgender put a great deal of effort into maintaining the appearance of the gender with which they identify these means someone who maintains all outward appearances of a male, including facial hair from hormone therapy, would have to use the womens bathroom. Now this creates a genuine conflict to the stated goals of these laws. Now these rapist that I’m sure will start to show up just because your fears have given them idea’s, no longer even have to go through the work of trying to make themselves appear feminine. The just have to say they are a female to male trans-gender who has to used the women’s restroom because it fits with their biological sex.

No of course this wouldn’t be legal under these laws, but one has to realize that laws only exist to sort things out once something has happened. If laws could prevent something from happening altogether we wouldn’t be having this conversation, because rape is illegal, in the first place. It has long been said that criminals don’t follow laws, and this is fairly a cut and dry statement. Of course they don’t that is why we call them criminals. The flip side of this is only law abiding citizens follow laws. This helps to put the situation more into context, because by looking at it this way this law will only keep law abiding transgender individuals out of the bathroom of which they identify, while still allowing a criminal access to either restroom they like.

In addition to this fears that children who don’t understand will become confused. I do feel as though it would be safe to say that you daughter is going to be much more confused when Aydian Dowling walks into the restroom(If you chose not to educate her on the existence of transgendered people) than if Laverne Cox came into same said restroom. It becomes obvious that these fears are merely covers for an attempt to legislate hate.

Now many well meaning people are throwing their support for this legislation simply because they are latching on to the rhetoric. If you hear enough that something could be dangerous for you children any sane and responsible parent would of course pay heed. But you love for your family is being used. With this being said I hope that well meaning people who are not bigoted, and were just genuinely fearful for their loved ones safety can realize that they have been duped. Those crusaders who seek to impose their morality on other have filled the collective media image of cross dressing bogeymen, who want to get a snap-shot of you family taking a pee. These people exist in our world, along with several other sick individuals who will seek to victimize others. I’m not trying to say you shouldn’t be concerned, in fact you should be overtly proactive in ensuring that your loved ones know how to protect themselves from this type of danger. What I am saying is taking a population, which already suffers from feelings of ostracism because society in general does not understand them and forcing them to not be able to use the restroom in peace will not prevent any of it. I actually has a much higher chance of creating a atmosphere where this can happen.


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